About the runner

Started running when I was a kid, doing 5k ‘fun’ runs with my father

Ran the ‘run around the lake’ hilly 4.5m Cardigan annual race in Middle School (~35mins)

Ran a few 10ks in High School (~42-45mins)

Ran my first sub-40min 10k on a hilly NH course after college

Ran my first 10 miler after college, just under 70mins

Ran my first half marathon in 2007, Shanghai Marathon, just under 1:30

Ran my first marathon in 2008, Shanghai Marathon, just under 3:30

Current PRs:

5k: 16:29, 2012 ‘Hei Zi’ Track Meet, Shanghai

10k: ~34mins, 2011 Nike 10k, Shanghai (estimated time, short course)

Half marathon: 1:15:33, 2012 Suzhou Jinji Lake Half Marathon, Suzhou

Full marathon: 2:53:15, 2011 Beijing Marathon, Beijing (chip time)


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